What is the importance of having more Views on Videos for Instagram marketing?

Videos on Instagram has become more important than ever before as many new features have been launched like adding stories, live videos and video messaging thereon. In this way, it has become more suitable for the emerging entrepreneurs to post videos related to the niche on which their websites deals. Make sure the content of your video reflects what you are.

Buy Instagram Views
Buy Instagram Views

Importance of marketing on Instagram

  • Worldwide coverage: As around 60% of the world’s population uses the above-described site, it is easier to make them aware of the product or services you are providing.
  • Attracting consumers: Whenever we check out any product here, it has been presented in a way that we attracted to it very often and thus it proves beneficial for the dealer.
  • Building standard: people usually think that if any product is available online that means it’s a high-quality and good brand, therefore social media marketing is necessary to face the cutthroat competition.
  • Video marketing: It is an effective way of boosting brand recognition and securing a good place in the field of social media marketing. The hashtags you are choosing should be best to increase video’s visibility it should be popular enough to reach the targeted customers. Whenever you are posting the video be careful about the time zone as to when the users are mostly online. That video should be created which puts positive impacts on the viewer and generate the desire to get stick to the product or services you are offering.
  • How to buy Instagram views: It is extremely easy to buy views as you will find a number of websites available online who are serving the best and real viewers and that too at affordable prices. The only thing you should be keeping in mind is to check out the background and history of dealing with the customers. With online dealers, it will be easy for you to compare between the different vendors providing the same services.
  • Counting of videos views: Counting of videos on Instagram excludes video loops and the view is counted only when anyone watches it more than three seconds. Just below the video, you can see the total views which the same has got which are visible only to them who have watched it.


The essential thing in creating your Instagram video is to remember about yourself is that what kind of product and services you are serving. The video should focus on the stuff related to that only.