What Else We Need In This Digital World?

We have seen the changes over the few last decades, the digital world has overpowered us. Many new technologies have been introduced to us in form of HDTV’S, digital cables etc. A new method is ready to change the medium of technologies we are using today. Internet Protocol Television i.e., IPTV

has been launched and has already started setting goals in Tele industry. It’s assuring us to give greater quality in this advanced world. The competition has been increased.

The basic description of this is, it streams videos with internet connectivity. It is an advanced form of Tele medium.This promises to bring out a new perspective for us. It has a simple setup box which will work by connecting it through Television set.

Many have started to call it Future of Television.It is spreading in India in a wide range. This technology helps you enhance your power to control your Television.


Some advanced features:

  • Shopping through your Television is possible. This is as similar to any procedure we follow for online shopping.
  • Playing music, games according to your time is possible with this.
  • Scheduling shows and playing them anytime is a very amazing feature.
  • It can replay a show anytime which have broadcasted a day or an hour ago.
  • There is an option for skipping the advertisements which are shown in between the program.
  • Like YouTube, there is an option for you to select various videos and program from a dashboard.
  • Connecting directly with the audiences. One can showcase his/her opinion on a live basis.
  • One can watch live talent shows, vote for their favorite contestants.

This has increased the medium of communication by combining videos and Television.We have been watching tv shows, talent shows, dramas but if we miss it by any chance, it cannot be reversed, we cannot play it back.  This is providing us a new platform where we can connect with people on a live basis, we can vote for talent shows on a live basis. A host who is hosting a TV show can also connect with a large number of people. This has options to comment, to chat, to ask questions live, to answer anyone etc.

It will bring ease to operate our entertainment world. With this, things will become more approachable. Time will be scheduled according to our lifestyle. This surely is a very big change in Television world and it has every feature which we going to attract us a human being.

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