List Of Uses Of The Capacitors In Daily Life

Capacitors are almost used in every electronics and electrical system. Capacitors are the device which stores the electrical energy. In the easiest way, the capacitors are charged by the current and discharge all the current at once.

The most common use of capacitors is the storage of energy. It has also various uses which include signal coupling or decoupling, power conditioning, remote sensing, and electronic noise filtering. Due to such wide use of capacitors, it became the vital part of our daily life.

Know here the uses of capacitors in everyday life –

Energy storage

The main and most common use of capacitors is the storage of electrical energy. Capacitors are used to store the electrical energy from the 18th century. Later then the battery was named for a series of capacitors which store energy.

An individual capacitor normally does not contain a high amount of energy, they help to provide enough energy to the electronic devices during the temporary power outages or when they need additional power.  However, the large capacitors hold more energy, for example, the large capacitors which are used in car audio system, they are included to provide the extra power to amplifiers when required.

Y capacitor
Y capacitor

Power conditioning

Another important function of the capacitors is providing conditioning of power supplies. Capacitors grant the AC signals to pass but they block the DC signal when they get charged. These capacitors help to clean the power supply by splitting the two types of signal effectively. This is mainly known as capacitor coupling. The Y capacitor is one such capacitor which is best for AC as they are AC Safety Certified Ceramic Capacitors.


Capacitors are also used as sensors which help to measure several things such as the mechanical strain, air humidity, and fuel levels. The measuring of senses or device capacitance mainly depend on its structure. Even a slight change in the structure affects the measured capacitance and results in either loss or gain in the capacitance.

Signal processing

The usage of capacitors is increased and today used in the information technology. There are many machines which make use of capacitance like DRAM devices need capacitors to show the binary information. It reads the one value when the capacitor is charged and reads another when it gets discharged. However, these capacitors are also used in partnership with the inductors to theme the circuits of particular frequencies.


These are some major applications and functions of capacitors in daily life which makes our life much convenient and easy.

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