How To Write Good Instagram Bios To Impress Your Followers?

Writing bios on Instagram seems simple, but it really requires a lot of thought! Analysts say it takes less than a millisecond for an online visitor to create an impression of your Instagram account. Here are some tips for you to make your first impression the best one, by writing good bios.


  • The first step to create good Instagram bios, is by adding your name. People generally search you on Instagram using your name or company name if you own a business account. Your name and the username are only two things, which are considered in searches. So it’s really important to make sure the name you are using in the Instagram bio is the one your friends and customers are searching for. By adding some extra to your name, not only helps you to stand out of the crowd but it also helps to search for your profession or passion.



  • Instagram bio explains about your business and what actually you do. So if you want to showcase your particular skill, profession, hobby, or interest you should include this in your bio. Think what separates you from your challenges. Adding these skills not only serves your Instagram bio, but it also helps you grow Instagram followers.


grow instagram followers
grow instagram followers


  • Using keywords in your bio will help to gain more focus and also allows you to connect with followers who want to engage with your content. When adding a particular keyword, try to think on both the aspects, though it’s your core values or the core values of your target audience. Using keywords, help your target audience to understand you better.



  • Instagram only provides one clickable link on their profile and it is linked on your bio. By clicking on that particular website, it will take you to web and mobile optimize landing pages that resemble your Instagram feed and displays your Instagram posts.
  • Writing your email id on your bios is always a good idea. It helps your followers to easily contact you.



  • Always try to be creative with your Instagram bio as it’s very important to convey who you are and what you are through your bios. You can use different emoji’s just to show off your personality. You can include branded hashtags to drive engagements on your posts.



Instagram bios help to explain who you are? What are you? You can target your audience using keywords, you can use links to link your website through your bio. It’s a great platform to share your personality and helps you to become popular in very little time.

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