How To Get A Visa For Business Trip To Canada In 2018

Every year many business moguls around the world visit Canada to exhibit their brand’s products in the world famous Trade shows in Toronto. While you will have to get a business VISA, if you would like to be a part of such occasions. Having the business VISA you can be able to create various trading opportunities for your business brand in Canada.


Who Needs To Have A Business VISA In Canada?

  • If you would like to attend business meetings or conference or if you are visiting any site for business in Canada.
  • If you are participating in the training activities related to your business in Canada.
  • If you are signing any contract or an agreement for your business deals in Canada.
  • If would like to make an investment in the foreign company in

If you are coming to attend business Trade fairs and shows to get further exposure to your brand in Canada.


Requirements to get Canada VISA for business


Canada Visa
Canada Visa

To become eligible for gaining a Canada VISA you would have to get the clearance of Immigration officer to enter as a business visitor in Canada. They will check the source of income of the visitor and information about the business of visitors outside of Canada. The visitor should not have any criminal record or any health issues. If there are any health issues then the visitor also need to get medical clearance before travelling. You would also need to show that your visit is for what purpose and for what amount of time.


Be prepared with all your documentation

  • It is likely that the Canadian embassy will ask you to tell the reason for a visit to Canada. If you are visiting any event or occasion in Canada then you need to show your invitation for your VISA clearance.
  • If you are going to Canada for a business trip, then you will have to show the documentation which is signed and attested by your company.
  • If you are just a visitor and not coming for any employment in Canada, then you also need to give the clearance of that. Otherwise, you will also have to get the work permit for visiting Canada.
  • You may also need to show the agreement or contract of your business deal.
  • And the most important thing which you will have to show for getting a Canadian VISA is your passport. You will be needed to show some other documents based on your requirement for a visit to Canada.


There are also some countries for which CIC has given the clearance that they can even come for a business trip to Canada using visitor VISA only. Countries like France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Latvia etc comes under such a category. This is also valid for the people those who are the British citizens. But if you are not citizens of these countries then you would need to get a business VISA for any Trade visit to Canada.

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