How to Evaluate the SEO of a Website?

For people with some knowledge about SEO, you will be knowing that this is a magical term as far as online brand promotion is considered. This can make change the pace of your business and help you to grow big within no time. If you are someone who is totally new to this term, then do not worry as there are many SEO services available today, that will take the entire responsibility of bringing your website to the top of search results. So you could make use of them to make your website visibility better. Given below are some of the strategies used by SEO experts to increase traffic to your website. And this is also an answer to the question of how exactly the SEO services will make your website better, or how will they bring more traffic to your website.

Check Website Authority

This is the strength of your website when compared to your competitors. SEO is actually a combination of domain and page authority and this is calculated on the basis of MOZ DA and PA. They are an aggregate of three matrices given below:

  • MozRank- Link Popularity

  • MozTrust- Link Trust

  • Link Profile- Total Link Profile

Here, you will be able to find the site’s popularity, trust, and profile as well. The higher the rate, better is the authority.

Check Social Signals

This also creates the sure chance to rank better and higher. So social signals are used to rank higher in search results. They offer a direct and instant way to increase your Google’s rank.

SEO services
SEO services

Check Traffic Ranks

Traffic Rank is something which you need to be updated and be aware of, this is because traffic is basically the number of visitors who viewed your profile per day, or per hour, as to how it is being calculated. Higher your traffic rank, the better is your website. If your traffic rate is high it means, people find your site valuable or useful and relevant as well. So you should take efforts to maintain the quality of your site as well.

Conduct a Link Audit

The number of backlinks really matter, and when we really love a site, we are sure to create more backlinks to it. So the more your backlinks, the more the votes or likes of people to your website as well.

SEO techniques are of two types mainly of Off-page and on the page. Off-page is quite easy to be done and can be done by you with ease, but to carry out the On-page, you need to have the proper knowledge as to how do it. So, do hire professional and trustable SEO services for the same. One of the reliable service is Mason Soiza SEO service. SEO is sure to take your business to the next level, so don’t miss it out!

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