How To Choose The Best Duvet?

What are Duvets?

Duvets are basically a quilt filled with goose down and feathers or even some other synthetic material. These are often used in lieu of the top sheet or blanket. The duvets are a complete blend of elegance, luxury, and comfort. Duvets usually come with a removable cover. It’s up to you whether you want to keep it or not! In the recent years, the filling used for duvet have changed drastically.

How to choose a perfect duvet for winter?

While purchasing a duvet, carefully look at the type of fill as well as its Tog rating. Tog rating is a degree which determines the amount of cold insulated by the duvet. Each duvet has its own Tog Rating. Different Tog Rating duvets are appropriate for different seasons. Choose the one according to the season you want to use in.

  • 4 Tog– Suitable for babies

  • 4.5-6 Tog– Best to be used in summers

  • 7.5-10 Tog– Best to be used in autumn & spring

  • 13.3-15 Tog– Perfect for winters.

    Goose down duvet
    Goose down duvet

Types of Duvet Fill

In the recent years, the filling used for duvet have changed drastically. Different types of duvet fills are appropriate for different persons. Choose the perfect one for you!

Natural fillings:

Goose down and feathers comes under this category. These duvets are designed beautifully so as to provide a luxurious feel to the person lying on it. As these made out of the finest quality of geese down and feathers, they are extremely soft.


These are a new type of filling that is quite similar to natural fill duvets. These duvets are not as heavy as the natural fill duvets but provide the same level of comfort. The Micro Fibre duvets are generally cheaper than any other duvets.

Hollow Fibre:

The Hollow Fibre duvets often acts as a natural insulator as they are capable to trap most of the air. If you are suffering from an allergy, these duvets would be perfect for you.


There are various types of duvets available in shops. You can also buy a duvet online but make sure the site you choose is reliable. Goose down duvets are the best and most loved duvets of today’s generation. It enhances the look of your room and will give you a luxurious feel. Duvets are available in a wide range and a variety of colours. Choose the perfect one for you!