High-Quality Vape And Pods: Phix

If you are switching from cigarette smoking to vaping or finding a lightweight good quality vape than Phix vape is the excellent choice. A good vape kit must have following quality Factors:


The appearance of the vape pen must be impressive, desirable and pleasant. Design of the vape pen doesn’t affect the experience but it affects ease of handling. The vape pen should not engage both of your hand and must give you a good grip when holding in hand. The appearance of Phix vape is decent and provides adequate grip.

Vapour quality

If you like forming big clouds, you should choose a device with low resistance. Low resistance device consumes more power and requires bigger battery but you are not interested in showing off and want to enjoy nicotine intake, you can buy any less power-hungry device. The battery of these batteries tends to last longer.

Coil durability

The coil is a heating element included in every vape pen, it is placed inside the tank and needs regular replacement as per the instruction. Continuous heating and cooling damages the coil and that leads to a bitter taste of vapour. You will know it is the time to change coil when the juice doesn’t taste as good as before. For most of the time, it’s once a week.

Battery life

If you have a vape pen with a removable battery than always have a few spare batteries. The durability of the battery depends upon many factors like frequency of use, charging pattern, heating of coil etc. the vape pen with inbuilt battery tends to be cheaper. A good battery life is important for a great vaping experience.

Four Benefits of Phix Starter Kit
  • It gives you a punchy hit type of experience and satisfaction that nicotine gives you.
  • It makes a good impression when you show it to people and it is pocket-friendly.
  • It fills you with the sensory aspects of smoking.
  • Provides more vapour for cloud forming.
  List of High-quality juices for Phix e-cigarette vape kit
  • Phix vape pods Cool Melon
  • Phix vape pods Hard Strawberry
  • Phix vape pods Original Tobacco
  • Phix vape pods Mixed pack
  • Phix vape pods Butterscotch
  • Phix vape pods Ice flavour
  • Phix vape pods Spearmint.

These are some best quality juice pads by Phix. Phix juice pods are popular among regular vapers. Its starting kit is designed with care makers so if you are in search of best vape pods than Phix vape pods are the best choice.

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