Essential Tips You Need To Know To Maintain Mechanical Watches

A classic mechanical watch is much more than just showing the time. It is not just a timepiece.  A luxury mechanical watch is made by some amazing skilled artisans. It shows a great craftsmanship which is made by unique innovative designs. The valuable quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, exceptional designs and the durability are the main reasons for the high price of such luxury watches. It is important to maintain such classic timepieces so that it can be passed from one generation to other generation. It is not so difficult to maintain or care a watch properly. A passionate owner or one who has a close relation with the watch love to maintain their watches. Here are some tips to maintain classic luxury watches  Clean your watch  Cleaning is important for your watch to maintain its elegant look. Wipe the dial and the band with the soft cloth to remove the dust and dirt. You can also soak your watch in the soapy water after few couples of months to unlock the dirt. Service regularly  Even though after the warranty period, your classic mechanical watch needs servicing after every two to three years. Regular servicing will help your watch to work properly without any issues. They can also catch the issues if your watch has any problem. Avoid magnets  It is always recommended to avoid the contact of magnets. The magnets show a negative impact on the watches. You should never keep your watch near magnets. Water resistance  Some owners do not know the limit of water resistance of their watch. Watches have different limits of water resistance. If the watch has water resistant limit up to 50 meters then it is not for snorkelling because it cannot handle the depth pressure of water. While for scuba diving or snorkelling, watches are made with a high limit of water resistance. Most of the watches are water resistant for splashes of water. Take care of the crystal  It is so obvious but worth to mention to protect the crystals of the watch from scratches and bangs. Avoid chemicals  Make sure to keep your watch away from chemicals especially from perfumes, oil, cleaning supplies and many more. Such chemicals especially perfume damage the leather bands. Conclusion A classic mechanical watch should be careful and maintained properly as they have many sentimental values, memories, and most importantly high cost. Replica watches are also a good alternative choice as they are exact copies of branded classic watches at an affordable price.