There are various things in your life which you consider once, but when you go to the reality of the things they might become different as well. Similarly, here is the case when you considered some things which are healthy and now they turn out to be harmful, while some others which you consider harmful helps to make you a healthy individual.

Here are some of best recipe recaps for you to enjoy your ketogenic diet:

• Chocolaty bombers:


There are some days when you are not able to take enough of fats into your body, so these chocolaty bombers help you to regain your fat content. Add some chocolate, butter, artificial sweetener, cheese, and some powdered cacao beans and mix it thoroughly and rest it for some time, you can have it making tiny bombs and preserve it in your refrigerator.

• Chicken Thai curry:

Chicken is considered to be one of the common and favorable ingredients for all, thus this would be the best when you are on your low-carb diet. It is made by ginger, chicken, extra tomatoes, some peanuts and mix them and add them to high flame and cook well, and serve it hot.

• Coco-mayo:

Mayonnaise is the ever favorite recipe for all and avoiding mayonnaise is definitely heartbreaking, the best alternative for this is making mayonnaise using coconut oil, which increases the intake of fat and is easy to make. Whip eggs well pouring the good amount of coconut oil and whipping it well.

• Low-carb nachos:

Best loving time pass snack for all are fat-dial triangular chips generally considered nachos, which are used and add some mozzarella and parmesan and finish with your favorite toppings.

• Spicy mozzarella chicken burgers:

Chicken with extra cheesy cheese is considered to be the best combination, make some patties sing chicken and add some cheese to it, shallow fry till it is evenly cooked, and add it between the burger bread add some mozzarella and finish with lattice and dips of your choice.

• Flavored sherbets:

Ice-creams generally have a high amount of sugar, which will affect your healthy diet, there are various original sweeteners which are available which does not disturb your diet and in fact will be beneficial, these sweet green leafs mixed with low-carb fruits can make a best combination and alternative for sherbets (ice-creams).

• Shallot soup:

Shallots are the key source of nutrients, which when boiled add flavor to the water and thus will help to increase proteins and for proper digestion.

Food is the key element for sleeping, loving and thinking, as it is truly said a person cannot think well or sleep well if he had not dined well. Eating nutritious food is healthy but making that nutritious food tasty makes you feel happy.

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