Benefits I Wish I knew About E-Cigarettes

An E-cigarette is a battery operated device used for the purpose of smoking. It emits doses of vaporized nicotine or non-nicotine solutions for the users to inhale. It is a good alternative to T-Cigarettes. It provides similar sensation like Tobacco smoke, but without the smoke. Also known as E-Cigs, Vaporizer Cigarettes and Vaping Pens, they are marketed as a way to stop or cut down smoking habits.  First appeared in the year 2004 in Chinese Market, it has taken the world by storm. Already have millions of users around the world. Some famous E-Cigarette brands around the world are Juul, V2Cigs, and Vapor4Life etc.

Some Facts about E-Cigarettes

  1. E-Cigarettes aim to resemble T-Cigarettes but without burning tobacco.
  2. It helps to reduce or quit smoking habits.
  3. Unlike traditional cigarettes, it can be smoked anywhere as it does not emit smoke.
  4. Research shows it has less harmful effects on health.

Top 5 Benefits of E-Cigs Over T-Cigs

It has been a decade since E-Cigarettes has been introduced to the world. It is a new concept of smoking and it popularity has been increased ever since. Sales of E-Cigarettes have Sky-Rocketed. Despite its rising popularity, debates continues about the benefits of E-Cigs/Vaping over T-Cigs. Many people are still reluctant about the health and safety of Vaping. Some Benefits of E-Cigs/Vaping are as follows.

  1. Less Harmful Chemicals

    It contains less harmful chemicals unlike T-Cigarettes. Traditional Cigarettes contain various harmful chemicals and toxins like Nicotine, Carbon- Monoxide, Ammonia, Tar etc. There are about 24 other harmful chemicals released by the act of smoking which can lead to harmful diseases. E-Cigs on the other hands contain fewer liquids. Ingredients in E-Cigs are E-liquids and other food grade flavors.

  2. Less Hazardous to Health

    Smoking effects the various part of the body. It leads to various incurable diseases. Smoking is injurious to health and can be a cause of various harmful diseases like Mouth Cancer, Lung Cancer, Respiratory and Cardiovascular diseases. E- Cigarettes contain vape juice which contain less harmful chemicals.

  3. Variety of Flavors-

    A Plus point of E-Cigarettes/ Vaping is that it offers variety of flavors to its users. Cigarettes user have only Tobacco to enjoy. On the other Hands vape juice are available in various flavors like Apple, Strawberry, Menthol, Chocolate etc. Users can pick flavor according to their taste and preference. Example Juul Pod Flavors available in wide variety. Users of Juul can select various flavors available from their website.

  4. Vaping is Cheaper

    Unlike Cigarettes you don’t have to buy the E-Cigarettes again and again. You have to buy the E-Cigarette device once. All you have to buy is cheap E-Juice which is available in various shops.

  5. Helps quit Smoking

    For many Smokers, E-Cigs or Vaping is a first step towards quitting the habit of smoking. There is an evidence which shows that many chain smokers are reported to quit smoking by using Vaping as an alternative.


Smoking is injurious to health. Yet many people do it despite its warning. Tobacco addiction is one of the hardest habits to kick. But luckily there are some effective ways and alternatives which helps in getting rid Smoking Habit. E-Cigarettes surely a good alternative to T-Cigarettes. Quitting Smoking habit instantly isn’t possible. It’s a slow and gradual process. Try to set goals and follow them. Substitute Smoking with Vaping. As we have already discussed the benefits of smoking, it is surely going to help the Smokers to reduce their dependence on T-Cigarettes. There are over 500 brands of E-Cigarettes which a global sales in excess of $7 Billion. Some Famous Brands are Juul, V2Ciggs, and Vapor4Life etc.

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