5 Methods to Design Your Dress

Designing your own cloth can be exciting while you can use your own creativity which can give perfect look to your style. Fabric designing is not an easy task and what you have in your mind, to create that in the form of reality takes lots of efforts. You can use some simple methods to design your dress and make it more fashionable by adding some fine fabric trimmings on it.

Here Are Some Steps For Designing A Dress


In a day you cannot learn all the aspect of dress designing. You need to use your creativity and draw the picture of the dress which you really want to get after the whole process. The end product should remain in your mind. Think about the design pattern which you wanted to apply in your dress and try to imagine your dress with it while you need a lot of thinking to get a good designing product.

Draw in paper you had in mind

You cannot be able to concentrate on your dress designing if you do not have end product picture. You need to draw the picture of the dress which you want at the end. That can help you focus more while designing.

fabric trimmings
fabric trimmings

Sewing skills

For making any changes to the dress fabric you require sewing skills. Without sewing, you cannot make any changes in your dress while you can take help of the tailors for this purpose since you cannot develop a skill in one or two days.

Research for your design

If you are a beginner in designing then maybe it will be difficult for you to find creative ideas for your dress while you can make use of some fashion based Magazines and Handbooks and even can search on the Internet for making some innovative changes in your dress design. This can help you with enhancing your creative skill while designing the dress.

Proper fitting

You need to make sure with the fitting of the dress. Even a good dress will look bad without proper fitting. Proper fitting give the more elegance look to the dress and the wearer also feels comfortable. There are so much information about the latest trends and fashion design which you can utilise in your designing process. You can use your creativity in your dress while the most important thing is the effort you can put on for making it.


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