4 Top Tips To Get Attributed On Musically

What is Musical.ly?

Musical.ly is a mobile app which you can download in your latest smartphones free of cost. It has been specifically designed to create and share music videos. It is limited to 15 seconds of video length.

You can look for a music in the library itself as there are a great number of tracks available. Choose the one that matches your mood, style, and feeling of your video the best.


What type of videos can you create at musical.ly?

You can create a wide range of videos on musical.ly. Some of them are as follows:

  • Dubsmash videos
  • Dance videos
  • Comedy videos
  • You can also show your transitions in the video
  • Any kind of entertaining videos can also be uploaded

Some of the most important tips to get featured:

Post videos atleast once a day: This can be a great start to get featured on musical.ly. Post as much music videos as you cam. By doing this, you are improving your chance to get attributed. Simple and straightforward don’t work well on this platform, so try to be a little creative.

Buy musically likes
Buy musically likes

Strive for quality: Some people would say that instead of posting videos on daily basis, they haven’t yet succeeded. Yes, this may happen due to many reasons. One such reason is that you are going for quantity by compromising the video quality. Don’t upload boring videos. Instead, take time and create the one that would be liked by most of the viewers.

Make Use of Hashtags: Don’t upload videos without hashtags. Normal hashtags would also not work. Use the hashtags that are in trend. By doing this, you are improving your chances of getting featured. You can view the trending hashtags on the musical.ly app itself.

Explore your area of competence: Different persons are good at different qualities. Some are good in comedy, while others at dancing or any other activity. Know your strength and create videos accordingly.


This was all about musical.ly. Use the tips given in this article to increase your popularity in the world of musical.ly. You can also buy tiktok likes and enhance your fame even more. I have shared my personal experience in this article. If you apply these tips in the process of the music video creation, you would be able to see the results soon. Good luck! Create the best music videos and gain popularity on this platform.

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