3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Booking The Hotels

While planning to book hotels, there is certainly a huge number of goofs which you could probably make while booking the hotels when you visit a new place. Booking the tickets from the wrong sites by neglecting to check some indispensable data, are some of the major mistakes which all of you probably make, in order to avoid this, one of the best ways is to compare hotels beforehand. Thus, here are some other mistakes which you generally carry.

Avoid always expecting the best room

When I walked into a hotel, I was having a common conversation with the front office administrator about how their lodging system appropriates rooms at enlistment. By talking to him, I was really very curious to know, how they allot the rooms for their customers. But I was astonished after knowing the secret which these guys have revealed, as they said, people who book rooms online or through their hotel website are given one of the best room with good services and view, as they consider such customers as loyalty members. But at the same time, people who book the tickets through the agents are generally given run of the house rooms or in other words the rooms which are just left like that. Hence, it is always preferred to book the hotels from the hotel website.

Use Google maps to check the locality

There are thousands of websites available online, hence Google maps are considered to be one of the most important tools, using which you can easily explore through different places which you have never been to and guarantee your lodging is in the middle.

Sign Up to the websites to check the deals and details

 compare hotels
compare hotels

If you are planning a trip and then signing up to different websites with your mail id is one of the best things which you can do to avail different deals and offers. In some cases, the room providers buy a large number of rooms in certain hotels, which get a stuck and large number of rooms are left empty, then there are certain chances for you to get the rooms in your desired hotels at a very low cost. But these bookings are made on first come first serve basis, so make sure to make your bookings on time.


These are some of the simple but are the most important tips which are to be considered by each and every traveler while planning their vacation. Getting the best hotel will make your whole journey hassle free. So give it a try!

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