What Are The Different Types Of Lapel Pins?

A Gentleman knows what he has to wear, he chooses the best accessories for his outfit. Every accessory which he wears has a meaning. A lapel pin is one of those suit’s accessories which also has a significance and has been around us for many years. There could be many reasons for a person to wear a lapel pin. So let’s see some of the reasons for which people wear a lapel pin.

  • People wear it as a badge to represent their organization
  • Earlier it was used by army people to represent their squad
  • People use it to promote their business
  • Some people wear it as a symbol
  • These days gentleman wear it to describe themselves in terms of class and character

These are some of the important reasons due to which people wear these lapel pins. Now we will see different types of lapel pins which can find easily these days.




These types of pins are not for the fashion users as it is more related to the particular organization. It looks more like a pin than any other fashion accessories. These types of pins are more likely used by the working professionals like Political members, military etc.


Flower or Boutonniere Pin


custom pins


Earlier people use beautiful flowers to create Boutonniere Pin. Those pins look really awesome when worn and give a nice aroma. But these days you can find the awesome looking artificial flower pins which are also scented and are durable for multiple uses.


Custom Pins


These types of pins are suitable for the present day generation. These are custom made for the users according to their desires, some people like the symbols, some love characters, and some love quotes. You can get any type of custom pins which you like from any of the online stores.





These are really decent type of lapel pins which were used by our elders at their time. There are many pawn shops where you can get these types of lapel pins.


Collar pins


People who don’t use lapel pins often use these collar pins as fashion accessories. These are used to hold the collar tips and attached to the shirt.



These are some of the types of Lapel pins which you can easily found in the market or on any online store. These Lapel pins can add a signature to your outfit. You can represent your business, your motto, your organization or any other things using the custom made lapel pins. I hope all this information is sufficient for you to understand the types and usage of lapel pins.

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